How Can You Keep Positive Attitude Towards Your Work

There are things that you have to maintain in every aspects in your life and that is having a positive attitude. This is sometimes very hard for some people at a workplace due to stress and pressure. How we can keep a positive attitude is having the right mindset towards what you do. Developing this is very crucial. Why, there are times that we really don’t know the purpose of what we do and why . Identifying this really gonna help us determine what or why do we need to do such task as we enter in an organization.

As I read about Bryan Tracy’s “Miracle of self discipline” with the word discipline things can change at a certain point and that involves your attitude. I know discipline can associate with a lot of things like health, time, money, etc. But there are things that sometimes we forgot to discipline which is our thoughts. What runs in our thoughts is the manifestation of who we are and what we do. We can always choose what we think about certain things and with these determine our results . It always starts with a clear mind and analyze things after that.  Having a positive mindset “I mean always” , a positive attitude.

If you want to have a positive attitude develop a good habit. Try to make a reflection everyday before you sleep. Try to keep yourself away from negative and toxic people that can feed your mind with negative thoughts. Not too much away, but keep distance and never entertain the negative thoughts that they have. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people, those who you can consider successful on what they do, you might get something good from them. There is always a saying that birds of the same feathers flock together. You know what I mean by these. So, there a lot of things to say. All I can suggest is to read more books like what I have example in this blog. Start spreading positivism, its contagious and lots of good results will come.


Latest Trends in the Real Estate Business

Economic growth or failure in the U.S has always a big impact in private businesses including Real Estate industry. I remembered in 2008 when the U.S has a great recession, the housing market has been affected big time. There’s a lot of factors why  Real Estate industry has a big contributions in the U.S government economy. One of the examples are Mortgage. People tend to borrow in the bank because sometimes they cannot afford to buy it in cash even the interest given by a bank is too high. That’s how the process of trends in the Real estate I believe started. It will be depending on the success or failure of the economy.

Here are my some trends in this year 2016 that we should watch on:

  1. Real Estate will go back to normal business – since U.S is just coping up from the previous recession in 2008, in this year it will be started to go back  to normal. The prices will rise at normal rates and will be consistent with balance market. Many constructions will go also to traditional levels.

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2. More new mortgage loan products will be needed –As mortgage interest rates rise,              the need for more loan products that don’t require large down payments or years of            mortgage insurance premiums is going to rise in 2016 (credits to Anthony Hsieh, chief              executive of If this happen, more people tend to go underwater since              they cannot afford to buy a property since the interest rate is high. What they will              be depending on is the mortgage.

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3. Marketing Trend – technology has a big impact on agents/realtors. The internet                  provides the easiest way to deal with transaction and communication with their                  customers. With the technology that we have, it helps the agents to advertise the                listings on their real estate company.

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4. Higher mortgage rates will affect high-cost markets –  higher rates will drive                     monthly payments higher, and, along with that, debt-to-income ratios will also go             higher. Markets with the highest prices will see that higher rates will result in fewer           sales; however, across the U.S., the effect will be minimal as the move to higher                 rates will spur more existing homeowners to sell and buy before rates go even                     higher. Homeowners will always have their own tactics to mitigate the increase.

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My Favorite Restaurant

I actually don’t have specific favorite restaurants because I think restaurants has their own variety of foods and flavors. They are having their own specialty. In this blog, what I can show and provide you is a review on the restaurants that I mostly come to eat.

Here are my Top 2 Favorite Restaurants Review:

1. Seoul Koreana – it is located in Westgate Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

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credit to the owner of the photo: right side

Description: Korean Restaurant

Specialty: Bulgogi

Food: I can rate the food 5 star, because it is really delicious and healthy. You can               even cook a pork barbeque which they called “sam gyeop ssal” on your table. I also               love their “bulgogi” which is a beef cured barbeque. The vegetable are fresh. There’s           a lot of appetizers being offered and it’s free. Of course it will not be a complete                 Korean invasion if you are not going to try the spicy foods. I always love kimchi, it is         a pickled Chinese cabbage which is very good to our health,although it doesn’t smell         good.

Service: The service is excellent! the people are friendly,respond promptly and                   courteous to their customers.

Place: If you are living in the south, it is very accessible. The place itself is nice and cozy.

Price: Reasonable, because you can get a lot of free appetizers and you can ask for refill ^_^.

2. Dad’s-Saisaki – Kamayan Buffet Restaurant – They have a lot of branches inside           the malls. You can see this link to check on their branches                          

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Description: They have a selection of American, Filipino and Japanese Foods.

Specialty: Buffet Selection

Food: although it is a buffet restaurant, they make sure that they maintain freshness       in their food. What’s good about it is you can eat as much as you want. The food is           also delicious and has a different selection.

Service: it is self service since it is buffet. However I can rate the service as 4 star.             the personnel there are also nice. They can even sing for you if it’s your birthday.

Place: a bit crowded, since it is buffet restaurant but it is still clean and nice.

Price: Reasonable, because you can eat as much as you want.

When I eat in these restaurants it’s like it will be my last meal! (I know your thinking how my tummy looks like after I eat haha, yeah I’m exaggerating) The experience is great and I hope you can try it too.

5 Myths About Real Estate and How to Debunk Them

There’s a lot of common myths we heard about Real Estate. However, Myths are only traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. (credits to google). It means that it is not proven and there is no clear evidence on proving such statement, story or events.  If you are working in Real Estate Field it will be a bit challenge for you to prove the reality about these myths, because people change and different. They are being more skeptical now. I hope that this information will help you with a proper statement and explanation to your customers/buyers/clients, they will change their impression on the idea of Real Estate.

For me, here are the Top 5 common Myths in Real Estate and How are we going to debunk them.

  1. Agents gets high commission – actually, before the agent will start working for you they are going to sign a contract or an agreement that is agreed upon both parties implying your terms and conditions on the agent’s services. Of course, the agent will receive a commission when the business is closed but the commission will be clearly stated on the contract as well. So, everything will be black and white.
  2. Agents might be pushy – sometimes we are in doubt in terms of hiring an agent because we think that the agent will do anything just to sell or buy a property to earn a commission. However, agents are well trained and that perhaps include sales ethics. I t will also vary from one person to another.
  3.  Buyer will spend more when hiring an agent – For me, this is exactly a myth because some buyer will think that they have to pay more when they hire an agent. Hiring an agent will be a big help and might save you from spending much, because it will still depend on your needs, requirements, reliability on sending documents, and lifestyle. However, you can save time and effort on finding a property. You can also save gasoline while driving around and spending electricity on searching through the web in finding a property.
  4. Agents can be a threat in your Identity –  yes some customers are very keen about their personal identity because all of your legal documents will be disclosed and be read by your agent. That somehow includes credit score and financial statement which are the elements of your life. But wait, make sure that you are dealing with licensed agent because these agents are covered by the law and they are following some protocols with regards to customer’s privacy.
  5. Hiring a Real Estate Agent would have a limited options on a property listings – I don’t believe in this statement. because real estate agent’s can also show property from other real estate companies and that would not limit you from choosing a property in one real estate company


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The Evolution of Real Estate Process

When we are planning to buy a property what question comes to our mind first is how would the process be? Will it be easy or you need to pass through a needle hole to be able to own one. This is what we call the Real Estate Process. These processes have changed into generations.

Every time, I hear a story  from the elder people that there are no processes or problems that you will encounter if you wanted to own a property. You can own as much as you want as long as you can maintain it. Yes, you read it right! No money involve. You can just construct a building anywhere you want and how much you want. As the years pass by, they said that when the people started a government that is also the time that the “land/property title” was invented. The law has been imposed to every country or state. It is to protect every citizen’s legal rights, and the process has been improved over the years. I wish I was born during that time, I could be rich back then ^_<. However, it is just like an old wife’s story because there is no clear source on that.

What I am sure about is the present process of buying and selling a property. For home buying see below process: (credits to mod university)

  • Prequalification/Preapproval 
  • Find an Agent
  • Find a House/Make an Offer
  • Complete paperwork
  • Enter Escrow
  • Closing

Note: For home buying this will still depend on the buyer whether he/she is going to purchase the property through cash or mortgage.

For Home Selling see below process: (credits to mod university)

  • Find a Listing Agent
  • Sign an Agreement
  • Title Search
  • Home is inspected and valuated
  • Agent markets the home/receives offer
  • Seller approves an offer/terms are agreed
  • Home enters Escrow

With these processes a client/buyer/agent has to go though a lot. It is a long process and make sure that you made up your mind and 100% decided before you enter the first step on this process.


Advantages of Hiring an Agent

Advantages of Hiring an Agent

     Looking for a place to live wherein you can called your “own” is really tough these days. Especially, when you are looking for specific criteria that will suit your want and needs including your family. Some details that we are taking in consideration of, are: Security, Accessibilityand Affordability. I believe that those criteria are the major questions in our mind when we are planning to purchase our dream house. But how are we going to know if the property has all of what we are looking for? Of course, you’ve wanted a property that will definitely suit your taste. Well, some of us are clueless and some of us are going or asking the wrong person or worse we maybe become a victim of fraud.

     You don’t have to worry, because there are people who can help and assist us in choosing and purchasing a property. Make sure that these people are licensed, authorized and specialized in their field. These people are called Real Estate Agent. They can be representing the buyer or the seller. There’s a lot of advantages that will be beneficial for you and your family when you hire an Agent. These are:

1. Save Time – these agents are well trained to do the job for you. They will look for a       property that is exactly what you tell them or better. You can do your own stuff while     they are doing the job. You can give them a time limit if you want.

2. They know legal documents regarding Real Estate more than you do– let these           professionals handle the paper works for you. This is to avoid lacking of documents or being prone to any legal obligations.

3. Great Deal – they can surely get the best price in the market so you can save money.

4. It will be the Best Place to Live – Their network is large, it means that they can find the property that you want easily.

5. Hassle Free – you don’t have to process your own paperwork, drive and look for a           property since they will do it for you.

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