Listing Photo Matters for Real Estate

Listing Photo Matters for Real Estate

Have you ever wonder why Listing photo is important to Real Estate Industry? Let’s say, if you shop online what is the first thing will you look for? The answer is the pictures. Yes, correct! We fell in loved and would like to buy an item because of how it looks. The details, description or the text of an item is the second thing that we check. It means that the impression of a good photo is really important, especially when you are listing a property. You don’t want your property to stay on the list for a long time. It is proven that those who have better photos can sell their property faster than those are not. The question is how can you have better photos? Or Can I list a property without photos? Here are some tips that might answer those questions.

1.       Do not list your property without photos. This is a waste of time. It’s like your selling product without having any visual illustration at all. In real estate sales visual of what you are selling is important. This how the buyer determine if it’s within her/his their preference or interest. Photos of the property are the first thing that they look at and the other details of the property listings are the next part that they read on. Besides no buyer will be interested on looking to your listings if there were no photos. 

2.       Having a Listing Photo is not enough. Having a good photo tells all. Sometimes the buyer is much more interested on the photo than the details of the property. I t means that your photo should be high quality and taken by a good camera.  

3.       Leave it to the professional. Sometimes we think that having a good camera is enough to take a picture of the property. No! You don’t want your property to look awful on those MLS sites where you are listing your property. A professional photographer knows better. They know the right angle, lighting, contrast and even the editing of those photos that have been taken.        

4.       First Impression Last. Your property listing will not be complete without a good photo. Buyer will look on the actual property first before they read the details. They can only do that through the photos online. It will give them a good impression if you have a good photo and it will invite them to get in touch with you. This will be the first step to a successful sale. 

5.       Virtual Tour. Listing your property online can reach millions of potential buyer. Some buyers live faraway and looking for a good property that will suit for their needs. While other buyers doesn’t want to waste their time and money going out looking for a property. Make sure that the photos included in your listing will give them a virtual tour experience that will entice them to contact you or buy the property.

 See below the example photos taken by professional and amateur. See the difference for yourself:

Photos taken by professional: credit to the owner of photos




Other photos: credit to the owner of photos

amateur 2

amateur 1



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