City vs. suburbs – Pros and Cons

Living in a City or a Suburb will be a big deal in your life, especially to your pocket. It could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on everyone’s lifestyle and situation.  What I mean here is that, all of us are not the same. It will be our choice if we wanted to live the way we wanted but it is important to know the pros and cons of your options so that you can weigh what is the best for you. I have listed the pros and cons of living in a city or suburbs, this might help you decide where you wanted to settle.


Pros living in the City

  • Accessibility –  if you are the type of person who loves to have fun especially at night, there are a lot of entertainment, activities nearby your area. Your work area also might be 10 minutes away from your home so you don’t have to rush going to work. After an 8 hour tiring work, you can take a rest without driving 30 minutes going home to suburb. Transportation also is a lot easier than living in suburb. There are subway, bus and cabs accessible to your place.
  • Save Money From Gas – Since you are living near your work site you can save a lot of money in gas or for your transportation.
  • Career Opportunities – Living in the city has much more to offer than living in suburb. If you are a type of person aiming for a successful career, then living in the city is for you.

Cons living in the City


  • Area – When you live in the city, your space is not too big. Most likely, you’ll live in apartment and no backyard with trees and lawn, unlike in suburb.
  • Price – Buying or renting house, apartment or condominium in the city are way too expensive than living in suburb.
  • Noise – this is expected, because the city is always busy with people coming to work and the vehicles all over the place unlike in suburb it is more peaceful and quiet.
  • Traffic – yes, sometimes you have to deal with the noise and the traffic jam going places.
  • Air – if you are raising kids, you may think that suburb is better place for them especially babies. Because the air is fresh. Well, this is still depends on your choice and condition.


Pros living in Suburb


  • Affordable – Living in Suburb is more affordable than buying or renting property in the city. Most people choose to live in suburb to settle down with families especially those who have kids or bigger families.
  • Bigger space – you can enjoy outdoor activities with kids. You can do gardening, set up swing or trampoline at the backyard where your kids can enjoy.
  • More rooms – typically, houses in suburb are more rooms than in the city.
  • Peaceful – You can relax smelling the fresh air. Mostly suburb has low crime rate. No noise from the fast-paced roads and people rushing. You can sleep peacefully without getting disturbed by the noise of a busy street.


Cons living in Suburb


  • Gas – price might be a little bit higher than the city. This also includes the usage. If you are working in the city and will be driving like 30 minutes from home, you’ll be spending too much money of it.
  • Public transportation – If you don’t have a car, this will be hard for you especially when you need to go to grocery store or work. Not all suburb has a good public transportation.
  • Entertainment – Since  you are away in the city, most of entertainment area are there like theatre, shopping centre, amusement park, bars and many more.



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