My Favorite Restaurant

I actually don’t have specific favorite restaurants because I think restaurants has their own variety of foods and flavors. They are having their own specialty. In this blog, what I can show and provide you is a review on the restaurants that I mostly come to eat.

Here are my Top 2 Favorite Restaurants Review:

1. Seoul Koreana – it is located in Westgate Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

credit to the owner of the photo: left side

credit to the owner of the photo: right side

Description: Korean Restaurant

Specialty: Bulgogi

Food: I can rate the food 5 star, because it is really delicious and healthy. You can               even cook a pork barbeque which they called “sam gyeop ssal” on your table. I also               love their “bulgogi” which is a beef cured barbeque. The vegetable are fresh. There’s           a lot of appetizers being offered and it’s free. Of course it will not be a complete                 Korean invasion if you are not going to try the spicy foods. I always love kimchi, it is         a pickled Chinese cabbage which is very good to our health,although it doesn’t smell         good.

Service: The service is excellent! the people are friendly,respond promptly and                   courteous to their customers.

Place: If you are living in the south, it is very accessible. The place itself is nice and cozy.

Price: Reasonable, because you can get a lot of free appetizers and you can ask for refill ^_^.

2. Dad’s-Saisaki – Kamayan Buffet Restaurant – They have a lot of branches inside           the malls. You can see this link to check on their branches                          

credit to the owner of the photo: top

credit to the owner of the photo: bottom


Description: They have a selection of American, Filipino and Japanese Foods.

Specialty: Buffet Selection

Food: although it is a buffet restaurant, they make sure that they maintain freshness       in their food. What’s good about it is you can eat as much as you want. The food is           also delicious and has a different selection.

Service: it is self service since it is buffet. However I can rate the service as 4 star.             the personnel there are also nice. They can even sing for you if it’s your birthday.

Place: a bit crowded, since it is buffet restaurant but it is still clean and nice.

Price: Reasonable, because you can eat as much as you want.

When I eat in these restaurants it’s like it will be my last meal! (I know your thinking how my tummy looks like after I eat haha, yeah I’m exaggerating) The experience is great and I hope you can try it too.


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