5 Myths About Real Estate and How to Debunk Them

There’s a lot of common myths we heard about Real Estate. However, Myths are only traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. (credits to google). It means that it is not proven and there is no clear evidence on proving such statement, story or events.  If you are working in Real Estate Field it will be a bit challenge for you to prove the reality about these myths, because people change and different. They are being more skeptical now. I hope that this information will help you with a proper statement and explanation to your customers/buyers/clients, they will change their impression on the idea of Real Estate.

For me, here are the Top 5 common Myths in Real Estate and How are we going to debunk them.

  1. Agents gets high commission – actually, before the agent will start working for you they are going to sign a contract or an agreement that is agreed upon both parties implying your terms and conditions on the agent’s services. Of course, the agent will receive a commission when the business is closed but the commission will be clearly stated on the contract as well. So, everything will be black and white.
  2. Agents might be pushy – sometimes we are in doubt in terms of hiring an agent because we think that the agent will do anything just to sell or buy a property to earn a commission. However, agents are well trained and that perhaps include sales ethics. I t will also vary from one person to another.
  3.  Buyer will spend more when hiring an agent – For me, this is exactly a myth because some buyer will think that they have to pay more when they hire an agent. Hiring an agent will be a big help and might save you from spending much, because it will still depend on your needs, requirements, reliability on sending documents, and lifestyle. However, you can save time and effort on finding a property. You can also save gasoline while driving around and spending electricity on searching through the web in finding a property.
  4. Agents can be a threat in your Identity –  yes some customers are very keen about their personal identity because all of your legal documents will be disclosed and be read by your agent. That somehow includes credit score and financial statement which are the elements of your life. But wait, make sure that you are dealing with licensed agent because these agents are covered by the law and they are following some protocols with regards to customer’s privacy.
  5. Hiring a Real Estate Agent would have a limited options on a property listings – I don’t believe in this statement. because real estate agent’s can also show property from other real estate companies and that would not limit you from choosing a property in one real estate company


credit to this link: http://www.rochesterrealestateblog.com/top-10-real-estate-myths-debunked/


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